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Worldwide car-engine supplier

Are you looking for a car engine company where you can go to buy both new and used car engines? Then CSN Engines B.V. is happy to help. Our company is located in the Netherlands, but we supply our car engines throughout the world. Our supply contains both new and refurbished engines from a variety of car manufacturers, so you are sure to find the engine you need at our company.

Buy a high-quality car engine at an attractive price from our company

As car engine suppliers we like to provide you with a place where you can buy high-quality car engines at a competitive price. This goes for the brand new engines, but also for the remanufactured car engines you can buy at our company. We ensure the high quality of our engines through extensive revision of its parts. The attractive pricing we offer in no way diminishes the  quality that we provide. We can offer such a great price-quality ratio, because of our one-time payment policy. You pay for the whole engine at once, which saves you a lot of money that you would need to spend if you can pay in parts.

We are car engine suppliers that offer both new and refurbished engines

Are you looking for car engine suppliers for used car engines or brand new ones? In both cases we have just the engine you need. Even if you are uncertain which engine will best fit your car, our company always offers an engine that meets all your needs. We help you determine the requirements for the engine and the cost for a new engine versus a used model. Especially when you want to place the engine in an older car, a refurbished engine can be a great way to save money. The great thing about buying a used car engine at our company is that this does not even take away from the quality, as all of the engines in our stock are checked thoroughly.

Do you want to know where to buy car engines? Contact us!

Are you wondering where to buy the car engines you need? Look no further and contact our car engine company. As car engine suppliers, we are happy to help you find an engine that meets your every need. Let us know your requirements by contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you need to know to decide if the engines we found suit your situation. This includes highly detailed pictures, part numbers and more.

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