About CSN Engines B.V.

CSN Engines B.V. started as a small business in 1999 with the rebuilding of cylinder heads. Everything went well and after a certain time we started to rebuild, buy and sell car engines. Nowadays we’re selling engines and cylinder heads all over Europe.

We have a large stock of automobile engines in our warehouse. There is a great quantity engines available from all kinds of car manufacturers. There is a large amount of brand new, remanufactured and used engines available. We’ve made separate pictures of nearly all the engines we have in stock. Other important information of the engines, like part numbers of the turbo, fuel-pump and injectors, are all available in our system. Besides engines we also have hundreds of cylinder heads from different kinds of car manufacturers available in our warehouse.

If you have any questions, or perhaps you’re looking for an engine, do not hesitate to contact us. We answer your question as soon as possible.