Engine stock

In our warehouse you’ll find both brand new engines for cars and remanufactured engines for sale. We offer brand new and used engines from various kinds of car manufacturers. We most likely have the engine you are looking in stock, whether you would like a brand new one or cut costs by buying a used engine. In both cases you purchase a high-quality engine that is both durable and reliable.

High-quality brand new engines for cars

We can assure you that the brand new car engines we have for sale are of the best quality. This is done by employing the same protocol for the quality check every time before we stock the engines in our warehouse. During the quality check we also note the part numbers of important parts like the turbo, fuel pump and injectors. Pictures are available of every new and used car engine you can buy from our stock. They are highly detailed and are a true representation of the engines we offer. That way you always know what you are buying, and it is easy to compare your own engine with the new engine we have to offer.

Brand new car engines for sale at an attractive price

Before you buy a new car engine it is of course not only useful to know what engines we have for sale, but also to know the price for the brand new engines for cars. Simply tell us what car engine you are looking for and we will show you the engines we have on offer for what price. You are always ensured of a great price-quality ratio, because we offer our brand new engines for cars at a cheaper price than our competition. We have brand new car engines for sale at an attractive price, without you having to compromise on quality. This is because we are able to offer engines for competitive prices thanks to our single payment policy.

Stock overview

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Contact us when you want to buy a new car engine

If you have any questions, or perhaps you’re looking for an engine, do not hesitate to contact us by phoning 0031 (0)492 323 343. We answer your question as soon as possible or provide you with more information about particular brand new engines for cars. Would you like to stay updated on the brand new car engines we have for sale? Subscribe to our monthly or weekly stock list so you always know what we have on offer. Our company is located in the Netherlands, but we supply our engines throughout the world.