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When you are looking to buy used or rebuilt car engines, prices are often the most important factor. Of course, quality also matters! But when you need a new engine for a used car, a rebuilt model is often the best solution. CSN Engines BV from the Netherlands is more than happy to provide you with the best solution for your car, wherever you are in the world.

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High-quality rebuilt and used car engines at competitive prices

We can offer rebuilt and used car engines at such attractive prices because we employ a single payment policy. Though this means you are required to pay the full price up front, it saves you money in the long run because you do not have to purchase parts separately. The great price-quality ratio we offer on our used vehicle engines does not mean, however, that they are of lesser quality. On the contrary, they are of excellent quality and both durable and reliable. This is because each engine is revised thoroughly part by part before it is rebuilt and taken up in our warehouse.

Find the engine you need in our stock range

You will certainly find the engine you need in our varied range of rebuilt used car engines for attractive prices. Let us know your requirements and we will send you highly detailed pictures, part numbers and other information about the car engine so you can make a well informed decision. Do you wish to know more about our rebuilt or used car engines, their prices or our delivery and payment conditions? Feel free to contact us by phoning 0031 (0)492 323 343.